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Who should pay the dinner bill

When you’re dating money questions can be quite sensitive. That includes who should pay for dinner in a date. While men should cover the cost there are some women who doesn’t expect them to pay for the entire bill but that doesn’t mean the gesture isn’t expected of them. Some women would let the guy picked the tab up for dinner and they’ll suggest going for drinks after, which will be on them. It’s a back and forth when you start going out with someone.

Others say’s that it would depend on who asks who. The person who asked for a dinner date should pick up the tab, regardless of gender. Though if it’s unclear who initiated the date the bill should go to the guy, especially for the first few dates. A guy taking the tab is shown as being courteous and proves his financial stability.

However some guys are really cheap and would just pay their half and be done with it. Others would use coupons to get discounts and that is a major turnoff. Other women would pick up the whole tab and guys are just good with that but don’t expect another date if that ever happens.

However in some cases woman offer to split the bill, given you’ve done the courtesy of picking it up first. There are women who don’t want to be labeled as a freeloader of sort, especially when the bill is big.

Whatever the circumstances are, it should be expected of the man to pay the bill or at least pick up the tab first to avoid the impression of being cheap, rude or socially awkward. Women will follow through with asking you for a drink or paying for the cab. Though after you’ve established that you’re in a relationship it is common for couples to split the bill. As for your first dinner date, remember guys to bring cash.

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