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When to Make the Move from Online to Offline

People who are involved in an online dating scene for some time now may want to go past instant messaging especially if he or she has genuine feelings for the other person. Determining the right time to make a move from online to offline with the person you like can become a frustration. However, this concern should not be taken for granted because nothing will happen if you don’t make a move past the online relationship you have created. When is the right time to move to the next level?

Start thinking about making the move from online to offline when you have evaluated your feelings well enough. It is okay to feel confused and hesitant at first especially if you are not sure if the other person also wants to take the relationship offline. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should consider before making the move.

If you’re online relationship has been going steady for several weeks then now is the right time to give it a try offline. It is also important that you feel that you know him or her enough to meet the person for real. Make all significant steps to check whether who you are dealing with is not an online player. If you are sure that the two of you have genuine feelings, then the relationship has to move forward. On the other hand, this transition will not work if it is a one-sided idea. You must inform the person what you want to do. If he or she refuses and tells you that they prefer to keep it online, then that is your cue not to push the idea. Remember that some people just like to keep things online. When you don’t see any hint that the other one is interested, don’t insist. In addition, consider that some are just being cautious, so do not blame anybody if you are turned down at first.

The way you talk about the transition and the way you ask will also affect what will happen soon. The way you ask will conclude superiority or inferiority which might lose the value of your request. Do not be too direct when requesting to meet the other in person. Think about broadening the communication through phone calls before making the move.

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