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What to Do If You Don’t Like His Mates

You love your boyfriend so much, but you don’t like his friends. No matter how good it feels when the two of you are together, the relationship will have a big turnaround if you let the issue persist. As you go deeper into your relationship, you will soon realize that you cannot get away with this frustration. You have to do something or else you will be putting your commitment at risk.
Your guy’s friends are part of his world. It will be unfair to ask him to leave his friends and focus on you alone. This will only worsen the issue. You have to think about a solution without getting him to abandon his social circle. Keep in mind that making him choose between you and his friends is not an option.

As you go through the problem, you might have to deal with him, his friends and yourself. Your aim is to reach an acceptance between you and his friend. First, think about the reasons why you don’t like his friends. Second, you have to accept that there are things that will not always go your way. The best way is to meet halfway. Keep in mind that the deeper you commit yourself to your guy, the more reason to do something about the problem.

Reflection also helps in understanding the whole picture. Do you have trouble not only with his friends but also with the members of his family? This might mean the problem lies within yourself. This problem happens with persons that are too possessive with their loved ones. The negative thoughts may also result from your guy’s lack of attention. When this occurs, you must be honest and tell him how you feel. Another significant point is the miss-projection of your self-image.

The problem may also be rooted directly from him or his friends. Check for the warning signs such as the feeling of dislike towards you. In this case, you should try to be objective. Be realistic and avoid making assumptions. After evaluating the situation and making sure that the problem does not lie from you, this is the time to put in your best effort to make a change. Give yourself time to mingle with his friends and get to know them better. Discover why your guy likes their company. Understanding and embracing his world will also have a positive effect on your relationship.

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