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Teachers Dating – What does your date’s taste in music say about them?

This is one question that is not easy to ask on a first date. Everybody loves music; young, old, rich, poor. Unfortunately, as everyone’s tastes are different, music can cause disagreements in a relationship. Women often easily express what kind of music they love, but men tend to put up a front before expressing themselves. On the first few dates, he will tend to play the music the woman wants to hear to create the perfect mood. However, this may not last long.
What personalities like which music?
• Classical Music
These people tend to be more creative. They are sensitive, adaptive to situations and have good self-esteem.

• Jazz
These people are also very creative and confident. They tend to take time to consider consequences to avoid failures and disappointments.

• Classic Rock
Lovers of this music tend to be family oriented and have clear objectives in life.

• Heavy Rock
Men who love this music can have low self-esteem, easily get jealous and have anger issues.
Keep this in mind, but remember, get to know the person better before you make your judgment.

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