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Teachers Dating – Keep an open mind when meeting someone new (part 2)

We’ve noticed that a lot of women are easily turned off by men who constantly talk about work and sports during their first date. This can be frustrating, but did you make an effort to divert the topic into another direction or you just let him talk on and on? Remember a date should be guided by both of you, and be a two way discussion. This might be topics that he is passionate about. Get to know the person in front of you, listen to what they have to say. You might surprise yourself and take a keen interest in hearing about a topic you’ve never considered before. You never know they might be the ONE!
Have an open mind and heart every time you meet someone new. Don’t immediately disregard them if your date arrives and is dressed differently to what you think they should be. Learn to respect who they are. Some may not be great dressers but have a more respectful attitude than someone who can dress well. Every person is unique and you have to be flexible in order for you to reach out and make a connection with them. Don’t judge a person because of their appearance. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, be patient in looking for the right person, be sensitive in their feelings and of course have an open mind and heart to know if your date is the right person for you.

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