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Teachers Dating – Have some fun with alphabet dating

Dating should be fun and memorable for both you and your partner. Here is a fresh idea for couples. If you are bored with the usual routine on your “date night” then why not try “Alphabet Dating”.
Alphabet dating is where you and your partner takes turns in planning your date with the use of the alphabet letters as your guide. Set some rules as to how long the date last, how much is the budget, and of course it should be stress-free.
We recommend using Alphabet Dating for couples who are at the getting to know each other stage. Dates don’t need to be expensive; just a unique way to spend time together. An activity you can have a laugh doing.
Alphabet dating doesn’t just have to be for couples just starting out. It can also be great for newlyweds and couples with children. You can also create a theme suitable for your alphabet adventures.

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