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Teachers Dating – Don’t be disheartened by a few bad dates (part 1)

Finding someone to share your life and dreams with through online dating can be a blessing. But unfortunately, there are still thousands of hopefuls in the market looking for “the one”. Finding the right person is like a contest and you must put yourself out there if you want any chance of succeeding. However, be prepared for a couple of potentially bad dates.
Research has shown that only 5% of online daters are lucky enough to instantly find a partner that matches with their personality, dreams and goals, while the rest have to struggle through before they can find a prospective date. Some may drop off from the online dating arena all together. People often get disheartened easily by bad experiences. Finding the right person online is possible and many people are proof to that. They can describe how they waited and persevered, and spent a few months searching online before catching the perfect person they are spending their years with.
Finding “THE ONE” must begin with the right attitude. Have a positive attitude. Avoid dismissing every potential candidate by seeking out a flaw in their profile. You have to give someone a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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