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Teachers Dating – 5 simple steps for success with online dating 1

Are you ready to join the millions of people who are looking for friendship, romance and long-term commitment on the internet? Are you ready to find love? Here are some tips on how to approach the online dating arena, as well as how to create an eye-catching profile.
1. Profile
One of the major factors in online dating success is a well-prepared profile. This is the point where you describe yourself, but without giving too much away. You also have the opportunity to add a description about your potential mate. Sell yourself in the best possible way. Supply a great headline, username, photos, and be honest. Avoid copying details from others. Create a headline that is easy to read and fun, and will trigger their interest to get to know you better.

2. Picture
Put up recent photos, no more than six months old, showing the real you. Put up a head shot that shows your face and smile clearly. Also use some full length photos. Four to seven photos are recommended. Be honest with who you are; you won’t then have to keep up an unrealistic impression of yourself or explain the difference between the person in the photos and the real you.

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