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Teachers Dating – 5 common mistakes when dating online (part 2)

• The prospective date’s Profile
Read through the person’s profile before you attempt to contact them. It is better to check if you have something in common to avoid embarrassment. Don’t just look at the pictures!

• The face to face date
Don’t immediately ask for a face to face date after your first chat. You may appear too needy or pushy. We suggest that its best to trade several emails back and forth, and then decide if you are still interested. Online you will know if you have the same interests and values, but you will need to meet up in person to know if you have chemistry together.

Multiple Dates
Most online daters will talk with 3 or more people at a time. This is okay if you want to keep things online and get to know more people quickly. However, once you move onto face to face dates, it’s best to only date one person at a time. Keep it simple for yourself.

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