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Teachers Dating – 5 common mistakes when dating online (part 1)

Long term relationships are hard to find. Give yourself the best opportunity with a great online profile. Online dating can be likened to a business, where you feature your best attributes, personality and photos to catch a partner that shares the same goal as you.
As a prominent online dating site, we advise members to avoid common mistakes when dating online. Here are some of the most common mistakes that occur:
False Information
A lot of online profiles tend to exaggerate details. Some alter their age, weight, and height. Some lie about their income and education. With the use of photo editing, photos can shed several years from the original shots. Other people even use pictures of artists or models to land dates. But remember, deception won’t last long. Most singles verify the names and pictures against other records in Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

• Grammar
You are here to look for a date or a long term partner. Just like when you are courting physically, when online you have to write you messages clearly. Use complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar. When you write an email, you could make it look like a love letter and not just a one liner message like “Hi! How are you?”. Engage in a proper converstation.

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