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Should You Turn Up with a Gift on Your First Date

Bringing gifts on your first date isn’t necessary. You should bring your charm instead of giving her a charm. Small gifts might be acceptable like a flower; maybe a daisy or a rose (but not the red rose, it’s too early!) other than that it’s a NO. Especially when you’re in a lunch or movie date and you brought a bouquet of flowers for her would make things very awkward. A large gift like a bouquet would spell out “I’m desperate!” or something like “Love me!”. Plus she probably won’t want to have people staring at her all throughout your date. You should avoid being labeled as a creepy guy. Chances are that you won’t get a second date with that kind of blunder.

Girls just like to have fun on their first date. So instead of wasting your time on thinking what to give her, think of something nice and fun to do instead.

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