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Should You Add Them on Facebook Before the First Date

You’ve met them for the first time, either online or offline and you’ve arranged a first date. Adding them on Facebook before the first date, can be a great idea. You could see their online profile and look for common things you share. Like the music they listen to, what food does he or she like to eat, books they read, etc. You get the picture. It is a haven for conversational starters.

It gives you a preview of who that person really is, what kind of friends they have, activities that they usually do or how they treat people in his life. See how he interacts with his Facebook friends. You can often tell whether he is a good man or not by the way he communicates with his friends. And you should expect the same thing as well. They may try to find out more about you by looking into your profile. To get to know you more and see what kind of person you are.

The problem is; what if it’s just the image he/she portrays online? Online profiles can be easily tailor made and what you see online isn’t necessarily what you get these days. A lot of people will put up some lies just to get your attention. Maybe he is hiding something from his boss or making her look like Mr Popular. You need to look out for signs and follow your gut feeling about your date. Like how many friends does he have or if his friends are mostly women of his age. It might be that he is using his profile to attract all the ladies. For all you know everything on his Facebook profile is just a lie. But if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted to you could always delete them as a friend

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