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Making the Transition from Dating to Relationship

Dating is the term most commonly used for courtship. It’s done by two people who want to go further into a more intimate relationship. The idea behind dating is to evaluate if the person is good enough to be a lifelong partner. Even though dating is considered as the first step towards a relationship, dating is a concept that varies between different cultures.

Sometimes, it is hard to determine if they are still in the period of courtship or not. For some people, making the transition from dating towards a deeper kind of relationship can be quite challenging. It is important to consider each other’s perspective before going to the next step after courtship. Here are some of the basic points to lessen the difficulties when making the transition with your special someone.

Clear things out. Avoid confusions and misunderstandings by making things clear between the two of you. If you like the person, tell him or her directly as well as doing things that show your feelings are genuine. Do not forget to determine your relationship status. If being straightforward is too much to handle, try to do the “asking” on a different approach. The sooner you ask, the better. You can get around making assumptions by breaking the ice in the right time.

Dating is different from an actual and serious relationship. It can be hard to tell the difference between casual dating and serious relationship. One can start by understanding that a relationship is a serious investment. When you are done investing in your personal needs and wants, maybe it is time to focus in sharing what you have with someone whom you can be with for the rest of your life. You can appreciate everything more once you share it with others. Get to the next level by making a commitment. If you are still caught up with your career and other things that need your attention, then maybe it is not time to make the transition yet. One of the most important things during this time is that you and your partner are both prepared.

Be ready. Be eager for the changes. These changes can become overwhelming. Take them one step at a time. Prepare yourself by being open in your mind and heart. Condition yourself for what lies ahead with you and your partner.

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