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How to Tell if He is an Online Player

One of the most common concerns in an online dating scenario, especially for starters, is to be able to tell if a guy is an online player. Players can be very difficult to recognize online. How can you tell if he is really interested in a relationship or if he just wants to have fun? It is easy to say that a girl must follow her instincts in telling genuine guys apart from players but what if he is as good as the real ones?

Remember that an online player is being labeled as such because they are capable of playing great games. They know how to do it right and they know how to say the right things. At first, these guys confuse you in giving you the idea that they really want a relationship without asking you directly. You are fortunate if he has the guts to ask for a one-night stand which can answer your question upfront.
Luckily for you, there are simple hints to tell if a guy is an online player or not. Get your checklist and see if you can get a feel for these hints.

Check for the information you see on his profile. It can be his name, his picture or the address listed on his profile. If few or all the information about him is not true, then there is something wrong about his ability to be truthful.

Try to see if he is doing the “collect and select” method. An online player does multi-chatting. You can tell if he is chatting with different girls all at once when he cannot remember some of the specifics you have told him. He can be very horrible in remembering even some of the important things about you. It may seem that he is very interested in the things you talk about as of the moment, but try to ask him about these things after a few days.

If you know how to read between the lines, then you may have a good chance in getting away from these kinds of people. The ones that seem very sincere and convincing can be the ones that do not deserve your time. As they say, they are too good to be true. Be smart and always remember to proceed with caution.

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